Why Choose St Mary’s?

If you’re like most St Mary’s students, you probably feel a little nervous about the idea of moving away from home. There are so many unknowns – adjusting to life in the city, managing your university course and meeting new people. However, rest assured – from the moment you arrive at St Mary’s, you’ll be made to feel at home. In fact, this is the closest thing to home that you’ll ever experience.

To begin with, there is such a close sense of community and everyone is made to feel welcome – it’s just like your second family. Most students are country kids, from rural or regional Victoria or interstate. This means that, like you, everyone is keen to make new friends as they find their feet in Melbourne.

Just like your family at home, St Mary’s is made up of many different personalities, with a variety of talents and interests. Whether you’re a born leader or a quiet achiever, you’ll find your place at St Mary’s. Everyone is so inclusive and accepting of each other, and there is no social hierarchy. The Principal, Dean, Tutors and Mentors are on hand to offer help and support in any situation – whether academic, social or personal.

One of the best things about life at St Mary’s is the number of deep and lasting friendships you’ll make – even if you arrive not knowing anyone. It’s probably the only time in your life that you’ll live with so many caring and supportive friends. There’s always someone around to share a laugh, play pool or table tennis, jog around Princes Park, have a coffee, or just hang out and chat. It’s a really fun and sociable place to be. Regular sporting, cultural and social events provide so many opportunities to be involved in college life, to try something different and to meet new people.

Anyone who currently lives at St Mary’s will tell you that the food is delicious: high quality, nutritious, with great variety. There’s nothing better than returning to college on a cold winter’s night, and sitting down to a hot roast dinner with friends. Not to mention the chocolate pudding for dessert…

Also, St Mary’s offers a high standard of accommodation, with all rooms recently renovated – including your own sink, which means you can brush your teeth or refill a glass of water without leaving your room. Your bedroom will be warm, comfortable and secure, your own ‘home away from home’.

You’ll also benefit from the ideal location of St Mary’s, being the closest College to the tram stop and the University. A shorter walk between your bedroom and your lecture theatre means more time for studying, sleeping or socialising!

Quite simply, life in the St Mary’s community is the perfect transition to university. The main focus is not purely academic or social or sporting, but a well-balanced approach to nurturing the whole person. Imagine a community where you achieve your goals, you’re valued for your unique contribution, you’re surrounded by supportive friends, and daily life is fun and full of new experiences. Join us at St Mary’s – you’ll create treasured memories that will last a lifetime.

After you’ve read through these pages about student life and so on, be sure to have a look at our facilities and also view the photos!