Academic Tutors

Each Semester, we hire several academic tutors to support us in the provision of tutorials to our students. If you wish to be considered for such a position, please read the following information:

1. Please forward an email stating your expression of interest to the Dean, at

a. The name and code of the unit/s which you can tutor in
b. A copy of your CV (including two referees)
c. A copy of your academic transcript

2. Only ‘Expressions of Interest’ which include all three pieces of information requested above will be considered.

3. To allow us time to consider the units that our students have chosen and thus ascertain the tutorials that we will run, usually preparation of the tutorial program does not commence until the week or two before semester starts. We will hold your CV on file and if we have need of a tutor in your specialty, we will be in contact at this time.

4. Please note that tutorials are scheduled at 5.15pm, 7.30pm & 8.30pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The timetable is organised to avoid student clashes and according to room availability so your flexibility with availability and scheduling is desired and appreciated.