Donating to St Mary’s

Over the last 100 years, many young people have benefited from their St Mary’s College education, going forward to make outstanding contributions to society in their chosen fields. In particular, St Mary’s has an established tradition of welcoming students from outside Melbourne, and providing them with a smooth and solid transition to university life: many ‘country kids’ have benefited enormously from their family’s investment in their St Mary’s education.

We are proud of the role we play in the education of students here at St Mary’s College – giving young people valuable opportunities to achieve academically, to grow their confidence through sporting and cultural pursuits, to develop leadership skills, to make lifelong friends, to live respectfully and harmoniously with others, to nurture their faith and to contribute to the community through social justice programs. St Mary’s is truly focused on developing the whole person.

If you would like to play a part in continuing the work of St Mary’s College, and ensuring that future generations of young people can access the life-changing opportunities that you have experienced, then please consider making a donation.The ways you can help include:

  • making a once-off donation, or an on-going annual donation
  • donating to a scholarship
  • remembering St Mary’s in your will through our bequest program

If you would like to contribute online now, you can do so below.  Alternatively, you may choose to correspond with The Principal, Dr Darcy McCormack, by telephoning the office or contacting him via traditional mail or by email at

I would like to make a payment of to support

Thank you! Your support is appreciated.
Any donations you make to St Mary’s College are 100% tax deductible. St Mary’s Deductible Gift Recipient Status falls under subdivision 30B of the Income Tax Assessment Act (1997) and our ABN is 56 750 876 675.