Message from the Student Club President

Hello everyone, and welcome to St Mary’s!

When friends or family ask me how living at St Mary’s has been so far and what I like about the place, I usually say something like – “It just really feels like home, you feel as though you can be whoever you want to be and that you’ll make friends and be embraced. It feels comfortable.”

One thing I cannot praise Mary’s highly enough for is its culture. We have an incredibly welcoming community where students genuinely want the best for each other and all members of staff from the office to the kitchen want to be friendly and engage with students.

St Mary’s is a place that offers far more than accommodation and meals to its students, it provides a home away from home and a place where students can form lifelong friendships. It is a place where students can thrive in their personal endeavours and be supported by the academic, social, cultural and sporting pursuits led by the student club.

I, alongside the student club and the student body, all recognise that St Mary’s is where you can start to find your identity as you leave high school and begin to explore the amazing opportunities offered to you whilst you are at University.

Through new connections, and a willingness to be involved and welcoming of all, you will soon find your place at St Mary’s as so many have done before. You will forever be a part of the St Mary’s story as it will always be a part of yours.

We can’t wait to welcome you all to our home!

Benjamin Nash

2024 President of St Mary’s College Student Club Inc.