Message from the Student Club President

Hello everyone, and welcome to St Mary’s!

There is one word that always rises to the top when current students and alumni talk about their time at St Mary’s: Community. The community aspect of Mary’s is truly one of its strongest assets. The connections that are made in such a short portion of the lives of the students who are fortunate enough to spend their time at university, within the halls of St Mary’s, are deep and life-long.

Basing our culture and connections on friendship and respect, St Mary’s is a place where students can thrive, and the student club helps to make this happen through academic, social, cultural, and sporting pursuits.

Myself, alongside the student club and the student body, all know what it is like to be leaving home, likely for the first time and travelling into the big smoke. St Mary’s is the best place to be when you are undergoing this process of evolution, into your next stage of life.

Through new connections, and a willingness to be involved and welcoming of all, you will soon find your place at St Mary’s as so many have done before. You will forever be a part of the St Mary’s story as it will always be a part of yours.

We can’t wait to welcome you all to our home!

George Scott

2023 President of St Mary’s College Student Club Inc.