Cultural Life

Are you an accomplished musician, a skilful debater or a talented actor? If not, would you like to try something new? There are many opportunities to become involved in cultural activities at College – some are internal St Mary’s events, while other activities form part of the Intercollegiate Arts Committee (ICAC) program.

  • Share the excitement of the annual St Mary’s musical or drama production, held at one of the University theatres. Recent productions include The Addams Family (2018) and Spamalot (2019). There are plenty of roles available – both on the stage and off the stage, in a variety of backstage or supporting roles.
  • Calling all performers, comedians and musicians! ‘JCR Jams’ are the perfect chance to showcase your talents to your fellow College residents. Held in the Junior Common Room (JCR), these evenings are laid-back, highly entertaining and eagerly anticipated. Alternatively, PFA’s (Pleasant Friday Afternoons) are held in the College courtyard – a stunning setting! Sit back and enjoy the show!
  • Do you love to sing? The St Mary’s College Choir is open to anyone wishing to join. The Choir performs at College Masses, the JCR Jams and other special occasions.
  • If you play an instrument or sing, there are opportunities to entertain the College community between courses at one of the formal dinners.
  • The College Oratory Competition provides an opportunity to showcase your oratory skills.
  • ICAC (Intercollegiate Arts Commitee) Events

    The ICAC events, held regularly on Sunday evenings, are a great way to meet like-minded people from other Colleges. Come along and enjoy the festivities, including:

      • Battle of the Bands
      • Open Mic Night
      • Debating
      • Trivia
      • Film Soiree
      • Theatre Sports
      • Public Speaking
      • Film and Music Soirees…and more