Message from the Principal

14090_0736Welcome to the St Mary’s College website!

I hope you are able to gain from this website some appreciation of what this unique college community offers its students. Above all, we aim to provide a supportive environment in which each individual is challenged to develop holistically. We are a college in the Catholic tradition and welcome people of all faiths and none; we are inspired by the Gospels and strive to live by their values. Respect and dignity for each individual are therefore foundational values of the college community. St Mary’s was established in 1918 and was administered from then until 2013 by the Loreto Sisters – women for whom learning and scholarship are integral to their daily lives. The academic tradition of the college continues to the present day, with outstanding scholars in residence and tutors providing high quality tutorials and academic leadership in the college.

While academic pursuits remain at the core of the college, we strive for holistic development of our students. Cultural pursuits are encouraged and facilitated – examples include the annual musical production and the oratory competition. St Mary’s students are engaged with the contemporary world in community service – volunteering in local not-for-profits and charities, tutoring migrant and refugee children, raising awareness of important issues. We offer opportunities for spiritual development too – the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage to Spain provides a unique aspect to college life, and college Masses provide an opportunity for prayer and reflection. A full social life is facilitated by the student club, with a diverse program of events throughout the year.

St Mary’s is a unique college community with alumni in all walks of life around the world. Each of them has benefited from their time in college.

I hope you enjoy learning about our college community and I invite you to visit us in person at our beautiful campus adjacent to The University of Melbourne.

Dr Darcy McCormack