Meet Our Students

Amy - Warrnambool - Bachelor of Biomedicine

For me, moving away from home, from the country to a city with so many unfamiliar faces, was one of the scariest things I’d ever thought of doing. St Mary’s made this huge transition much easier for me. The staff and incredible friends I have made soon helped me find my feet and adapt to a new lifestyle, away from the familiarity of home. As a smaller college, St Mary’s fosters close and supportive friendships in an environment where unity and togetherness is at the forefront. This is seen as we share three meals a day, as well as through the many whole-college events and activities. I have always felt welcomed, safe and valued, and I am so grateful for the friends I’ve made and experiences I’ve had since arriving at St Mary’s.

Ben - Bairnsdale - Bachelor of Science

"Before coming to St Mary's I felt nervous about moving to the city away from everything familiar. College made the transition so much easier. You are immediately surrounded by a friendly, exciting and caring community that makes you feel right at home. We are so close to Uni with great facilities like the Academic Centre, excellent rooms and delicious meals but most of all the people are what make St Mary's fantastic."

Emily - Bendigo - Bachelor of Biomedicine

"I was really excited to move to College but was slightly anxious about living with new people and adapting to a new environment. I quickly learnt that St. Mary's was the best decision I could have made when moving away from home to begin studying at University. St. Mary's is such a lovely place to live and study, there is so much energy and positivity in the student body which makes for great sporting, social and cultural events. There is always someone to hang out with and such a strong sense of belonging regardless of what your interests are. I love the size of St. Mary’s because you get to know everyone so you always feel safe and comfortable but at the same time there is always someone different to talk to during meals or in the JCR. I’ve made so many incredible friends and love being a part of such an inclusive community."

James - ACT - Bachelor of Biomedicine

I was really anxious about moving to St Mary’s mainly because I did not know anyone in
Victoria, let alone Melbourne. There are a lot of unknowns when moving out of home.
It didn’t take me long to realise that coming to St Mary’s was the best choice I could have made. I think St Mary’s is the perfect size college, not too big and not too small. You always feel safe and familiar when around college, but it is not so small that there isn’t a variety of people to get to know. There is such a positive college culture that is very friendly and inclusive. For example, we have an open-door policy which encourages keeping your door open unless you need to study or want some privacy. It makes the atmosphere on your floor feel a lot more relaxed and homey. I have never felt lonely at St Mary’s because if you ever need someone to talk to you can just find an open door.

Jesse - Tasmania - Bachelor of Science

"I hadn't planned on staying at college during my studies, although my best mate from home was sharing his experiences from his college experience and couldn't recommend staying on campus enough! I am SO GLAD I listened to him! I moved from Tasmania and had zero friends around the Uni, I didn't know anyone and that would've remained the case if it wasn't for St Mary's. See, it's really hard to make friends in lectures, to find your way around and organise your hectic schedule, but at St Mary's you're right there at the Uni, have endless support and are involved in an incredible community 160 strong, who from the moment you arrive, are extremely friendly and inclusive. I have made so many friends and had so much fun with all the activities, I almost don't even miss home. Sorry Mum."

Lachlan - Ballarat - Bachelor of Science

The move from my home in country Victoria to the city was one I was excited and even somewhat anxious about. On arriving at St Mary’s however, all of my early apprehensions left and I came to realise that St Mary’s is full of warm and welcoming people who just want to make the most of their experience. The amount of opportunities St Mary’s offers in the sporting, cultural and academic arenas is something I found amazing. It is made all the better by sharing the experience with some great friends made along the way. With the best kitchen staff on the crescent and access to fantastic facilities it has become very easy to call St Mary’s home.

Annabelle - Cobram - Bachelor of Ocupational Therapy (ACU)

Before moving to St Mary’s I was quite nervous about moving away from home and worried about missing my family, as well as finding my way around Melbourne (I’m not too good with public transport!!!). However, after being welcomed into such a great community I’ve realised that you get to make a whole new family whilst at Mary’s filled with many kind and interesting people who are all super helpful! I also downloaded the PTV app which is awesome and I would recommend for anyone who gets lost easily like me!

Abbey - Shepparton - Bachelor of Commerce/Law (ACU)

"Before starting at Mary's, I was worried about leaving home to live with so many new people, with whom I wasn't sure I'd fit in or be able to easily forge friendships with. My apprehension dissipated quickly as I realised that this college really is a home away from home, and with it comes a family of 160 of the best people you'll ever meet. The open-door policy, small number of students and closeness of the community, have meant that not only has this huge transition been smooth, but that I've been lucky enough to meet some incredible people and gain friendships that will last a lifetime, along the way. The facilities, food and grounds are all outstanding, but more than anything, it's the people that make Mary's such a special place to call home."

Joanna - Brisbane - Bachelor of Commerce

Before coming to St Mary’s I felt excited about the unique experience ahead yet nervous about moving to a new state and city. I love the St Mary's students. I feel St Mary’s is quite rigorous in their student selection process and this is exhibited through the exceptional residents at the college who are both sociable and supportive. St Mary's is different because it encourages students to engage with a variety of people, not those that are from their particular year level or discipline. I feel Mary’s better prepares its residents for collaborating with people who are outside their disciplines, which is an essential skill in this modern era."